4x6 rubber stall mats
4x6 rubber stall mats

4×6 rubber stall mats that you can use indoor

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Most people think that 4×6 rubber stall mats are only for outdoor flooring. Whether it’s for the barn, gym, garage, and so on. But it’s also can be used indoor.

4×6 rubber stall mats are very versatile

Contrary to popular beliefs, rubber stall mats are very versatile. It’s a popular choice for the barn. But it’s also great to have in your home gym.

The durability is also very good. And you can choose how thick the mat you want to have. However, having a very thick mat doesn’t guarantee that it will last much longer than others.

Your Home Gym Perfected

It doesn’t matter if your home gym is in the basement or taken half of your garage. You can use the stall mats to cover the gym floor. You have the option to have several mats for your gym equipment only.

Or you can cover the whole gym floor so you can also do yoga and Pilates there.

Just because the mat is mentioned as 4×6 rubber stall mats, it doesn’t mean that it’s specific for the outdoor. The general usage may be for the barn, but you can still use it for indoor rooms.