5x8 rubber mat
5x8 rubber mat

5×8 rubber mat is perfect for your backyard

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Many people think that a 5×8 rubber mat is too big for the backyard. But in fact, it is the right lining that works for separating your indoor and outdoor space. It’s also great to have on the poolside or the outdoor kitchen.

Why 5×8 rubber mat is the right choice

The main reason is the size. Most people choose the smaller size based on their needs. But there is an advantage if you bought the larger size. You will still have some left for your other rooms.

Enhancing your backyard activities

Having a rubber mat on your back porch will separate the space. Like many other mats, it’s also very easy to maintain. With the proper care, your mats will last for years.

A smoother surface is great to have on your backyard barbecue. You can choose a corrugated mat for the poolside. In case you want to have your home gym, you can get the ones with the thickness you’re comfortable with.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a 5×8 rubber mat is easy to install. You can do the installation yourself, especially when you only have a small space.