Door Mats safe for Vinyl Floor
Door Mats safe for Vinyl Floor

Door Mats safe for Vinyl Floor

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The first rule of looking for door mats safe for vinyl floor is you have to look for a non-rubber backing doormat. There are variations of options you can choose from, for example, are vinyl-backed mats, jute, and wool door mats.

This backing material won’t ruin your expensive vinyl floor, in other words, it won’t stain or discolor your vinyl floor over time. Shopping doormats for the vinyl floors could be tricky because most door mats have a rubber backing.

Remember, such doormats are not safe for vinyl floors.

Options of doormats safe for vinyl floor

No worries, we have noted some door mats that won’t ruin your sleek floor.
• Kaluns Doormat Super Absorbent for Vinyl Floor
This is good news for all of you when the rainy season is coming. As named, these door mats are super absorbent.

That is because it is made from polyester microfibers, amazingly this door mat could soak in a whole glass without getting your vinyl floor wet. This Doormat is vinyl backing.

• Durable Wipe-n-Walk. Vinyl. Backed. Entrance. Mat
This is perfect for you who don’t want water puddles getting dragged around your house. This doormat is super absorbent.

It’s Up to You

There are many options you can choose from. Just make sure you are purchasing doormat that doesn’t have rubber backing. Good luck with finding door mats safe for the vinyl floor.