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Many of you must have seen the image of Saturn devouring his son yoga mat and think that it would be a very energizing image to have when doing yoga. It is, without a doubt, very strong and provocative imagery.

Review: Saturn Devouring His Son Yoga Mat

This imagery is special in many ways. While some people may take it as a questionable taste, but there is just so much on the painting. Goya initially painted the picture as a mural in his private residence, before being transferred to canvass and digitalized for the whole world to see. Read also another article that is Tj Maxx Yoga Mat

The Image Interpretation

Regardless of how the myth goes, the image can be interpreted as a way of how the old envy the youth. As many people are working hard to keep their youthfulness or staying young and fit. Critics also often correlated the fact that Goya also only had one remaining son who survived into adulthood, as well as the Spanish war that happened during the period.

Whether you decided to have the Saturn devouring his son yoga mat as a gift or for your collection. You will not regret having such empowering image.