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Best Tips wirecutter yoga mat for beginners

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When you just started to step into yoga, it is a wise move to check out the wirecutter yoga mat for

recommendations. They have reviews from both regular users and professionals. Among those, here are two main takeaways on how your first yoga mat should be.

Get a Comfortable Wirecutter Yoga Mat

Comfort isn’t only about the material, but also about the size. The length of your mat should be more than your height. Picture yourself lying with your arms stretched out above your head. That should be the minimum height of your yoga mat. Then you look for which material you like best.

Remember, thickness isn’t everything

After you found the right size for you, then you should look for the thickness that you think you will be comfortable with. Some brands may have thinner mats but they are so comfortable and with a non-slip base so you can hold on to your downward dog.

Now, the wirecutter yoga mat features quite a list of famous brands. So, if budget is not an issue for you, then you should go to the top of their list and start your yoga journey in the best possible way.